Missional Opportunities

Ready to take your next step of involvement with us? Whether it’s leading a small group, being the world’s greatest greeter, or helping our office run smoothly, we need your talents. Check out our current opportunities below and make it your mission.

Hospitality Area

11/02/2015 | 32 People Needed

Description: Get Connected volunteers to meet and greet our visitors and guests. Be a resource for all new people, offering book materials, CD’s, and other information as needed

Skills: Warm, friendly, love to talk with people

Commitment: Once a month (15min before/after for either 1st or 2nd service)

Contact: Pam Brown | | 408.603.3395

Disciple Maker - New Believers

06/07/2016 | 10 People Needed

Description: Be part of a team that will help new believers grow in their relationship to Christ.
Encourage new believers and help them grow by walking them through a discipleship pathway.

Skills: Provide tools and train others to mentor new believers.

Commitment: Up to 8 hours per month

Contact: Jim Thompson | | 408.603.3395

Disciple Maker - Membership

06/07/2016 | 3 People Needed

Description: Help attenders of Abundant Life grow in their commitment to the family of God by being part of the Membership Process Team. Help prepare and present material in the areas of Abundant Life’s vision, mission, doctrine, constitution and bylaws. Administer a discipleship assessment. Help people find areas where they can serve.

Commitment: Up to 8 hours per month

Contact: Jim Thompson | | 408.603.3395

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